Think outside the box

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I know that the vast majority of you are reading this newsletter because you are interested in earning an income online.  Because of this interest and because of the amount of time that many of us spend on the Internet and playing with computers, it stands to reason that, over time, we will build up a greater knowledge of computing than the ‘average’ home user.

It occurred to me some time ago that this knowledge could be put to good use by offering to repair/troubleshoot other people’s computer problems or provide basic training on how to use their computers and the Internet.  However, because of the fact that I am kept very busy with my own existing business, I have never had the time to put my theory into practice.

That is, until this week…

I shared my idea with a friend that was looking for a bit of extra income.  This is a friend that has a reasonable knowledge of computers gained from his own experience over the past couple of years.  He has certainly never worked in any form of IT.

I convinced my friend to put a few adverts around our local area (in shop windows etc) offering exactly the service that I have described above.  I have to say that advertising in shop windows is not exactly what I would call an aggressive advertising strategy BUT within a couple of days, he had picked up no less than five jobs!

Each of these ‘jobs’ were fairly straightforward (virus removal/re-installation of Windows etc) and he was able to charge an hourly rate of £30/$55 which isn’t bad going.

Of course, now he sees the potential, my friend is going to step up the advertising campaign.

Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box – it is very easy to focus on achieving that one goal of owning an Internet business BUT there are often other excellent ways of utilizing the knowledge/skills that you are gaining that you might be overlooking completely.  Remember to think ‘offline’ as well as ‘online’…

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