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As my regular subscribers will know, my main web businesses are based around informational eBook products that I have written and published myself.  It is my opinion that there is no better way to generate an online income than by selling info-products.  However, I would like to flex that opinion a little and give you something new to think about…

The beauty of selling info-products is that the sales/payment/delivery process can be completely automated and there are no costs in reproduction.  This concept can be applied to any ‘digital’ product.  What am I talking about?  Software of course!

Now, before you send me an email telling me that you can’t write software – I know, neither can I.  The point is that you don’t have to.  There are thousands of talented programmers out there just waiting to do the programming for you – all you have to do is come up with an idea.

I recently used a programmer to write a script (a small software program)  to help integrate my credit card payment systems.  It took the programmer about a day to deliver my script and the cost to me was just $35.

Now expand that thought a little and lets say you get a programmer to write a piece of software that would be useful to thousands of people worldwide.  Sure the programming costs will be higher, but even simple scripts can cost $50 or more to buy on the Internet.  If you get it right, you could make your money back AND a profit in no time.  Consider how many times ‘utility’ software programs such as Cute-FTP or Winzip have been downloaded…

I noticed on eBay, a software program being sold that keeps a record of your collections (of coins, cards, Beanie Babies or whatever…), the software is basically a database program and it is being sold for around $15 a time.  A simple idea and one which is appears to be making a good income for the owner.  All you need is an original idea and a bit of money to invest – in fact, you might not even need that, if your idea is good enough, you may be able to persuade a programmer to write the software and take a percentage of the sales proceeds in return.  Most programmers are not marketers…

Something to think about.

You will find programmers queuing up to write your software at and  (These are also good sites to find other professionals – web designers etc etc).

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