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Since announcing that my eBooks were now available to buy on, I have received several emails from people asking how to get their own eBooks listed with the site.  It had originally been my intention to write an eBook on this very subject, but, if I am completely honest, I really haven’t got the time and I think I would struggle to fill a whole eBook with the information.

Therefore, for everyone that asked, here is the abbreviated version of how to get your eBook on the Amazon website:

The key to this process is a company called LightningSource (  LightningSource (LS) hold a library of eBooks and allow certain retailers to sell the contents of the library.  If you get your eBook into the library, then it will automatically be listed on – as I understand it, Amazon list everything that LS have on their records.

You will need to visit the LS website and open a new publishers account – if you published your own eBook, then you are the publisher.  The next stage is to print off and sign a few agreement forms and return them by post to LS.

Once your LS account is fully open, you can upload your eBooks to the LS site for checking and listing.  LS charge a flat fee per eBook uploaded – it is approximately $25.00.  You must submit your file in either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Reader format and you will also need to provide a ‘marketing image’ or cover graphic.  It will also be necessary for you to obtain an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for each eBook that you want to list.  The process for getting an ISBN is different from country to country, so try a search on for ‘ISBN issue’ to find your local issuing organization – alternatively, LS should be able to point you in the right direction.

Finally, LS will check your eBook file and email you to confirm that it has been listed on their site.  You can then expect to see it on Amazon within 7-14 days.

Payments are made by cheque/check every month, 90 days in arrears (less of course a fee to LS – details in their agreement doc’s)

And that’s it – how to get your eBooks on Amazon in 3 easy stages!

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