Fancy an extra $7000 from your eBay auctions?

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Dave DeMink has been selling on eBay for 4 years and in the summer of 2002 he published an eBook which revealed some of his secrets to earning ‘extra’ income from eBay auctions, he told The Online Trader,

‘My eBook outlines a dramatically effective way to earn more money from every auction you run on eBay.  I have learned many ways of increasing revenue and it is possible to turn all of your auctions into income generating vehicles.  Ebay has a hidden sales engine and all you need is a little gas to get this motor working in overdrive…’

The technique that Dave teaches in his eBook is one that can be applied to any kind of online auction and the ‘work’ required can be carried out in a couple of minutes – no extra packing or shipping.  Dave told me,

‘When I wrote the eBook, I felt that there was a lack of ‘providers’ out there that had real knowledge of how eBay worked and why it can be such a powerful place.  I have been selling on the auction site for 4 years and therefore have first hand experience of how to fully utilise the site to get the best returns.’

I asked Dave what his initial expectation was in terms of sales and what actually happened during the first few months after launching the eBook, he told me,

‘Initially I was hoping to make a few sales per month and help a few people figure out how they could use eBay to make them more money.  In actual fact, the results have been overwhelming and what I thought would be a fun part-time operation has turned into an incredibly fun operation!  To date I have sold roughly 1,200 copies of the eBook and I have therefore  helped many people increase their income just by passing on my knowledge’

The technique outlined in Dave’s eBook is a simple yet powerful one.  He told me that he estimates that using his recommended technique has earned him an extra $5,000 – $7,000 income from his eBay auctions over the past 2 years.  I can easily believe this as whilst the idea is incredibly simple, I know that it works as I have used it myself.

As with many online marketers, Dave doesn’t do any offline marketing, he says,

‘I have several partners that advertise for me and I am always looking for new partnerships.  I am also very close to agreeing a large partnership that will help to distribute the eBook around the World.  This is a very exciting time.’

Dave also went on to tell me about his plans for the coming year,

‘Volume 2 of my eBook is in the works and I am also working on some enhancements to the website.  In addition, I am putting together an eBook library which will provide my customers with an entire catalogue of eBooks, all teaching creative ways to earn money while working from home.  Existing customers will  also have access to this library.’

In closing, I asked Dave what he thought was the one thing that made his online business work, he answered,

‘The reason that my Internet business works is because it is built on my experience.  I am not someone trying to apply old marketing principals to new technology.  I have been with eBay for over 4 years and have learned exactly how to use the power of eBay to make my auction fee’s disappear and to make more money per auction every time.’

I would like to thank Dave for taking the time to provide me with the above interview.

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