One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure

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It didn’t even seem like a good idea when first suggested so how did Richard Grady get hooked into a 5000 kilometre drive around France in a motorhome? Maybe it was the lure of the world’s premiere cycle race – The Tour de France – or possibly the desire to help a friend that seduced him but somehow he found himself as a member of the backup team to four riders cycling the Tour route one day ahead of the professional racers.

Driving hundreds of kilometres every day, performing a variety of mundane chores and dealing with the vagaries of his travelling companions all combined to create a three week journey he regretted from the start.

In this hilarious account Richard relates the misadventures of the ‘One Day Ahead’ team as they battle with the challenge of cycling the 3,497 km Tour de France route and he and the stalwart Sara battle to give the riders the best possible chance of achieving their goal. Filled with amusing anecdotes and facts this is a fascinating insight into the Tour de France for avid fans and the general reader alike.

‘One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure’ was written on the suggestion of his psychologist girlfriend/therapist(!) after Richard struggled for two years to get over the experience. Every book sold helps.

Warning: Contains some moaning however this will not be harmful to your health.

“This book was a great read. You don’t have to love the Tour de France to love this book.”

“Terrific book. If you are interested in cycling or France or both you will probably love this well-told, friendly story.”

“This is a fantastic and funny account of the absolute adventure you can have while riding a bike.”

“My wife was laughing as she read ‘One Day Ahead’ and in answer to my question,”What’s so funny, dear?” she said, “You must read this book, it’s a real gem”

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