cropped-mr_richardgrady.jpgRichard Grady began his business career at the age of eight. Despite holding down a job in corporate finance for many years, he always had a sideline or two on the go. Richard eventually escaped the rat race and, with the Internet in its infancy, he turned his entrepreneurial eye to the online world and founded a number of successful Internet businesses.

It was whilst involved in Internet marketing that Richard started to write.  He maintained a weekly newsletter of business and marketing tips for five years and also wrote several best-selling eBooks.  Of course, this was long before the Kindle was invented and eBooks took the form of either Word documents or PDFs.  Richard’s most successful eBook was a guide to buying from UK wholesalers, which included a directory of trade suppliers.  This simple PDF eBook sold well in excess of 10,000 copies, at which point Richard stopped counting.

After a few years away from the keyboard and following the development of both the Kindle and Amazon’s independent publisher service (Kindle Direct Publishing), Richard returned to the world of words in 2014 with ‘One Day Ahead:  A Tour de France Misadventure‘, followed by Distinctly Average Entrepreneur’ in 2015.

More titles are planned – connect with Richard to stay informed:  Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter.