A valuable lesson…

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As my longer-term readers will know, I have always recommended ‘spreading the risk’ as far as online business is concerned.  For example, it is far better to have ten websites producnig $1000 of income a month each than it is to have one website producing $10,000.  This is common sense but sometimes it takes a real world example to make people sit up and take notice… so here is such an example:

Last month, Google decided to drop one of my websites out of it’s index.  I don’t mean it shoved it down the rankings, I mean it kicked it right out – the site in question no longer exists in Google’s eyes.

Unfortunately, the site was receiving about 1500 visitors a day from Google and was generating several thousand dollars a month in income (as it had been doing for several years).  That traffic and the income disappeared over night – gone, quite possibly, forever.

Now whilst this is highly inconvenient, it isn’t the end of the world because this wasn’t the only website that I owned – far from it.  But imagine for a moment if it had of been my only site and that in less than 24 hours, 80% of my income had just vanished. 

Now imagine that it wasn’t my income that had disappeared but yours…

Now you can see exactly why you need to spread the risk and why one online business isn’t enough…

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