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Escape of water 5 – repairs (at last)!

This is the fifth in a series of articles which document the procedure/process following a burst water pipe and the subsequent insurance claim. I decided to write the articles following such an event in my house and being unable to find much in the way of useful information online. Hopefully, in time, the search engines will pick these articles up and if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a similar event, my experience might give you some idea of what to expect. The first article in this series can be found here.

Repairs to my flooded property eventually started in May 2015, almost five months since the original burst pipe incident. The first thing to be done was to reinstate the first floor flooring so that it was possible to access this level. Next the partition walls on the first floor had to be rebuilt as the original ones had all been removed due to water damage. Ceilings throughout the property were replaced and first fix electrical/plumbing work was carried out, ready for the huge amount of plastering which needed to be done.

While the plasterboard walls and ceilings only needed a skim coat of plaster, there were a lot of breeze block walls which needed a bonding coat of plaster and then a skim coat. Basically the bonding coat is a much thicker layer of plaster which goes on first. The plastering took several weeks to complete in the end but as the bricks were slowly covered up, so the building started to look a bit more like a home again.

With the plastering finished and dry, so begin the next stages of the process: door frames, architrave, skirting board, second fix electricals and plumbing and coving and ultimately decorating and flooring, doors and finishing touches such as curtain poles etc.

When I originally met with the contractor to discuss the work required, he quoted me a timescale for the repairs of six weeks. I’ve been involved with enough refurbs over the years to know that you have to at least double an estimate like this! In the end, from the start of the repairs to the finish took a little over three months (so doubling it was almost spot on!) By this time, I really wasn’t bothered if things took a bit longer – much better to have everything done properly than rushed. I can’t speak highly enough of the guys who worked on my house and everything was done to an extremely high standard and nothing was too much trouble. In the greater scheme of things, a few extra weeks really were neither here nor there, especially when you are talking about a total time from flood to finish of eight months.