Monthly Archives: September 2014

Time for another book?

It’s been a couple of months now since I published ‘One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure‘ and it continues to sell well, so much so in fact, that I am about to start bashing out another book.

I almost wrote the book I am about to start before I wrote ‘One Day Ahead’ but friends and family convinced me to go with the Tour de France-related story first because they thought it would make a good read. Turns out that they were right but now that it’s done, I’d like to get started on my original idea.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in numerous businesses – some big, some small but all a learning experience. My mum has also been involved in a fair few ventures and so has one of my best mates. It occurred to me some time ago that a light-hearted business biography covering the entrepreneurial escapades of the three of us might make for an interesting read and this is the basic outline I am starting with.

To be honest, I have no idea how this idea will develop; I’m not sure if the book will become a ‘how to’ type product or just a humorous read or maybe something completely different. The thing with writing something like this is that you don’t actually know what you’ve got until you’ve finished. Just like in business, writing a book means taking a risk and gambling something. The risk may or may not pay off in as much as the book may or may not sell. The one advantage though of writing a book over, say, setting up a new shop, is that writing costs next to nothing financially. The only real cost is time. So, as I have done many times before, I will be gambling my time to produce something which may or may not be worthwhile. In this respect, writing a book is no different to setting up a new website, creating an info-product or buying something to sell on eBay. It’s all a game of risk and reward. I’ll risk my time and hopefully a few sales will be my reward (oh, and some nice comments from happy readers too!)

Watch this space for more updates. In my head I would like to have this latest book ready for publication by Christmas but I think this may be a tad optimistic. Early next year is probably more likely…