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New book: ‘One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure’

It has been a while since I put pen to paper to write anything longer than the odd article or quick email newsletter – the last eBook I published was the second part of my ‘Making it Happen’ story in 2006. Even calling this eBook a ‘book’ is a stretch since it ran to just a hundred or so pages. Earlier this year I decided it was time to start bashing the typewriter keys once more and after several months of writing, editing, proof-reading, re-writing and obsessing over commas, semi-colons, paragraphs and chapters, I have now published my latest book…

One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure

‘One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure’ covers a three week period of my life, which, in many ways, I would be happy to forget! In short, a very good friend of mine decided in 2012 that he would like to cycle the entire Tour de France route (some 3,500km) and he would like to do it while the actual Tour de France race was in progress. The plan being to ride one day ahead of the professionals. I got roped in to provide support and to drive one of two team motorhomes.

I had been persuaded to provide support for similar events previously but never for a three week period. I knew on day one that it was going to be a tough gig and I also knew that I (and my fellow supporters) were in for three weeks of hard graft, while the cyclists had a lovely time meandering around the French countryside.

‘One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure’ tells the story of our trip from my point of view – not much cycling and a fair bit of grumpy old man style moaning. I hope it’s a light-hearted and easy-going read which won’t be taken too seriously and might save a few people from falling into a similar situation!

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