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How the South Africa World Cup could affect your business…

In case you hadn’t noticed, the World Cup has started!  Now, I personally have very little absolutely no interest in football whatsoever BUT despite this, the World Cup could affect the profitability of my businesses over the next few weeks…

Football, in the UK at least, is one thing that will drag people from their computers to in front of the television and if people are not in front of their computers, they are not spending money with me (or you).  Therefore, if you are planning any kind of promotion or launch over the World Cup period you would do well to ensure that it doesn’t coincide with one of the major matches.  Even if you don’t run an online business, it is possible that the World Cup could affect you.  Do you sell on eBay?  Do you buy on eBay?  If so, avoid posting auctions which will end during a match and if you are buying, lookout for auctions which DO end during a match as there is every possibility that you could grab yourself a bargain.

And don’t think this is just a bit of theory on my part, I learnt the hard way some years ago that football does indeed affect eBay bids!  I had one of my favourite cars of all time up for auction, a 1961 Land Rover and I was extremely surprised when the vehicle went for about £500 below its value.  It was only when the buyer picked it up and mentioned in passing that he had nearly missed the end of the auction because ‘…it was right in the middle of the England game…’ that I realised what had happened!  It also explained the steady flow of emails from people asking if I had sold the Land Rover as they had been watching the match and therefore missed the end of the auction! 

As I said before, I have absolutely no interest in football but now I do at least take a bit of notice if it is going to affect my pocket!  You will find a full World Cup fixture list at this link.

iPhone Apps – Developing Apps Without Programming!

As iPhone sales (and now iPad sales) continue to grow, the demand for new iPhone apps is growing at a similar rate.  Although I have been busy with my web businesses over the past few months (mainly on account of the fact that I have had nearly three years ‘off’!), I have had one eye on the iPhone apps market as I think there is considerable opportunity to make some serious money over the next few years.

Now I am no app expert but I have been reading a fair bit about the marketplace over the last few weeks and have followed a couple of individuals as they have developed and released iPhone apps onto iTunes.  There are two main ways of ‘selling’ an iPhone app, either for free or for a fixed price.  My initial thoughts were that the paid apps would be the best way of earning however this does not necessarily seem to be the case.  With a free app it is possible to include adverts (a bit like Google Adsense) which earn you money whenever someone clicks on one.  This means that you could potentially earn something every time a user opens the app whereas with a paid app, you only earn on day one.  Equally, even if someone downloads a free app and doesn’t click on an app for months, there is still the chance that one day they will so your earning potential is kind of unlimited.  When you factor into the equation the fact that free apps get download in far larger numbers than paid ones, I have to say that going down the free route looks like the better option.

The initial problem which held me back from moving into the app market was the fact that I have very little programming experience but when I think about it, I have very little HTML/PHP experience yet I have been earning from websites coded in these languages for over 12 years.  How?  Simple, I hired someone else and guess what, surprise surprise, the app market is no different!  There are thousands of capable app programmers out there who would be happy to take on the development of your app and hand over the finished product to you so that you can deal with the marketing.  So this is my plan, I have a few ideas for different apps and over the coming weeks I will be obtaining development quotes and hopefully getting one or two up and running and (fingers crossed) bringing in a bit of revenue.