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Forum’s – the best source of free advice

When it comes to making a success of any web business, one of the best sources of advice has to be online forum’s.  Forum’s are usually frequented and indeed run, by Internet marketing experts.  The problem with many forum’s is that whilst they are superb, access is restricted to members of a particular website and therefore you have to pay a monthly fee.

This is not always the case and there is a superb forum which is completely free to use and is run by and used by some top Internet marketers.  Take some time to browse through the posts, you will be amazed at the tips that you pick up.  If you have a specific question about marketing online, post it – someone will take the time to answer you.  Please note, this forum is not run by me – the web address below is merely a redirect from my site.

I have been working on several new info-products recently and two of them are very close to being released – hopefully within the next 2 – 4 weeks.  News of their release will be made in this newsletter first and all subscribers and customers will be entitled to a special deal ONLY available via this newsletter.  Watch this space…

I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank-you’ to everyone that read my announcement two weeks ago regarding my eBooks being available from Amazon and then surfed off and purchased one of them.

During the 24 hour period after my newsletter went out, the UK wholesale guide was one of the top ten best-selling eBooks on and at one point was the 5th best-selling eBook on the site!  The US wholesale guide made it well into the top 100 best-selling eBooks on – which considering the much higher level of competition on the .com site was great.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to make many (if any) sales as a result of the announcement, it was merely just a little achievement that I wanted to share.  So thank’s to everyone for turning a small achievement into an even bigger one!

This week, the number of subscribers to ‘The Online Trader’ passed the 5,000 mark.  Again, thank-you very much for sticking around and reading my newsletter.  It only seems like yesterday that I was desperately trying to get to 100 subscribers, so this is a great milestone to reach.  I still have a way to go though – I found out this week that Corey Rudl (a top net marketer) has a mailing list of over 360,000 subscribers and can make over $40,000 a month just from links included in his newsletter!  I am currently spending some time studying Corey’s techniques and will be writing more about him in future issues.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for online auctions such as eBay and if you are thinking about starting to sell online, there is no better time to do so.  I recommend small, gadget type items that sell for £10 ($15) or less.  These are great impulse purchases and ideal stocking-fillers for many buyers.  Choose a product (or two), run a Dutch Auction for multiple items and watch the bids add up.  Remember, you don’t need to make a huge profit on each item, even a small profit soon adds up if you sell 50 or 100 items and this is perfectly achievable.  By the way, if you are an eBay fan, one of my new products mentioned above has an eBay theme (but don’t worry, it is not another ‘How to use eBay’ guide!).

Until next time…

A Little Secret

People often email me and ask how they can make money on the web.  Well, the truth is that there are loads of different ways and I don’t profess to know a fraction of them.  However, I do know a few and this week I am going to let you in on a bit of a secret…

When I started building websites a couple of years ago, I had a requirement for some good quality logo designs and also some eBook cover graphics.  Initially I tried making my own.  As I soon found out, this is not as easy as it looks!  So I decided to pay someone else to do it for me.  I emailed a few people for quotes and expected to pay about $50 for each logo… WRONG!!!  The quotes came back at between $150 and $300 per design!!

Ok, next option please…

Fortunately, a friend recommended a software package that would quickly and easily create logos and eBook graphics from pre-designed templates.  I purchased the software and found it was indeed quick and easy to use and was also fantastic value for money.

After creating the logos that I needed, I set about designing a new website offering cheap logo design for other web users, thus StylishLogos was born.

I don’t do any specific advertising for StylishLogos, other than in my own eBooks, but I still get 2 or 3 orders for logos every week.  Not a fortune, but a nice bit of extra income, especially when my only cost in designing a new logo is my time.

There is more than enough business out there for everyone and I am therefore happy to share this idea with you.  Maybe you could set up your own discount logo website or why not try offering this service on eBay or another online auction?

Do I need a flashy website?

Do any of you actually wait for Flash intro’s to download?

You know what I mean – you visit a new website and you see a blank screen and a small ‘Skip Intro’ link at the bottom.  You are now expected to wait what seems like a lifetime, for the webmasters graphic spectacular to download.  Ok, if you are using a fast connection the wait won’t be as long, but there are still an awful lot of people using dial-up connections (and that includes me – my street doesn’t have cable and the telephone lines are the ‘wrong type’ for a digital connection!)

So, back to my original question, how many of you actually wait for the intro to download?  If you are anything like me, my guess is not very many of you and most of you will go straight to the ‘Skip Intro’ link.

The reason for making this point is this, I get emails from people every week asking for assistance with building websites and the one thing I can’t stress enough is ‘keep it simple’.  Surfers want the facts quickly – they don’t want to be bombarded with complex graphic images swirling around their PC screens.  Look at the big sites – Yahoo, eBay, Amazon – all fairly plain, simple sites with neatly laid out links – no big graphics and certainly no Flash Intro’s.  The reason is because this works – Flash Intro’s and other animated image files are merely an opportunity for webmasters and graphic designers to demonstrate their skills.  In my opinion, including this type of content on your website will do nothing to assist your business. If anything, it will have people clicking away from it in droves.

The most successful website businesses tend to be built around simple sites and often the layout of these sites stays the same year after year.  After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! 

Keep your site design simple and if it works, stick to it.  It is all to easy to get bored with your own site every few months – we are all in search of the perfect website.  I am as guilty as the rest – I have overhauled some of my sites more than 3 times in the past year.

If you still need some convincing that simple sites are the best way to go, take a look at the 2 links below.  Although they are both very good sites, the design has purposely been kept basic as this is what works.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, each of the websites below has produced annual income of well over $100,000 for their owners…

And there are many more just like them.  Could you join them?  Maybe, but just remember – keep it simple!