Distinctlydistinctly-average-entrepreneur-642x1024 Average Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial success and failure are flip sides of the same coin. Of course, all budding entrepreneurs plan and hope for success but it doesn’t always turn out that way. It can be a very bumpy ride.

And so it was for Richard Grady. Over many years he tried countless business ventures. Some succeeded, some worked for a while and others failed. But still he kept hanging in – determined to make it one day… read more


One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventurea-day-ahead-cover-642x1024

It didn’t even seem like a good idea when first suggested so how did Richard Grady get hooked into a 5000 kilometre drive around France in a motorhome?

Maybe it was the lure of the world’s premiere cycle race – The Tour de France – or possibly the desire to help a friend that seduced him but somehow he found himself as a member of the backup team to four riders cycling the Tour route one day ahead of the professional racers… read more